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Summer Fun! 10 Things To Do In Cincinnati This Summer

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

School is letting out, and the last thing we want are our kids trapped in the house all day. The good news is there is SO MUCH fun to be had here in Cincinnati. Here is an awesome list of awesome activities that can get you out in the sun (or in some air conditioning) and out of the house!

1. Visit The WEB! We don’t mean to toot our own horn (ok, maybe a little), but with the largest laser tag arena in the Tri-State and plenty of indoor and air-conditioned fun, there’s not a better place to go on those sweltering hot days.

2. Head to the zoo. The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is consistently ranked in the top 10 nationally! From rare white lions to the fastest cheetah in captivity, you and your kids are definitely going to have a blast.

3. Loveland. Walk around historic downtown Loveland before taking a stroll or bike ride on the Loveland Bike Trail. Not to mention the incredible Loveland Castle!

4. Butterflies! Visit the butterfly exhibit at the Krohn Conservatory anytime before June 19th!

5. Ride a Duck! Start in Newport and find yourself on a tour of the Ohio River and downtown Cincinnati while learning some of the most interesting facts about our awesome city.

6. Go to a festival. Cincinnati has some awesome festivals where you can try some incredible local cuisine.

7. Hit up a Farmer’s Market. Lots of new Farmer’s Markets are popping up around town with awesome fresh foods.

8. Head to a park. On the not so hot days, fly a kite in a park or try your hand at some Frisbee golf!

9. Get wet on the Little Miami on a canoe or kayak.

10. Visit Newport and check out some sharks and sea turtles at the Newport Aquarium! Don’t forget to get your kid on at Tom ’N Chee with a gourmet grilled cheese and some tomato soup.

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