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What To Expect
Pick 1, or 2 Attraction Packages

In these parties you’ll have a specially curated itinerary to keep your party organized and allow you to skip lines, therefore maximizing the enjoyment of every attraction, arcade game, and slice of pizza!  You don’t have to worry about keeping your party on task by yourself – your party host is there to do that.  They will guide you and your guests through every step, enhance the fun, serve pizza and cake, and if needed, they can tweak plans in the schedule.

What To Expect
UNLIMITED Party Packages

In an unlimited party you can expect the same amazing service as is provided in a set-attraction party, but with an unlimited party you can do whichever attractions you want, as many times as you want to.  There’s no set attraction schedule.  Love our Go-Karts?  Enjoy the thrill of racing for your entire party!  Love variety?  Play everything in the building!  Your party host will interact with you and your guests, help you set up times to meet back in the room for food, organize and schedule games of laser tag, and serve pizza and cake!

*When booking online, there is a package minimum of 10, you must add additional guests and each guest will be charged per person over the base package price.

Packages Include:

  • 10 person minimum

  • $10 game card for each guest

  • 500 tickets for the guest of honor

  • 2 slices of pizza (pepperoni or cheese) for each guest

  • Unlimited soda for each guest

  • Private party room for 2 hours

  • *A 10% gratuity will be added for parties with a host

Pick One


Pick Two





Customize Your Party with Add-ons:

  • Ice Cream Cake

  • Additional Pizza/Drinks

  • Goody Bags

  • Jumbo Cookies: Chocolate, Reese's, S'mores and Sugar

  • Tenders, Fries, and Corndogs

Starting at $17.49/Person

Starting at $21.99/Person

 Unlimited Party Packages:

  • Available Monday through Friday 

  • Room included

  • 1 Large Pizza for every 5 kids

  • Unlimited drinks for everyone

  • $10 game card per guest

  • UNLIMITED ATTRACTIONS: Laser tag, Go-karts, Min-bowling, climbing wall, and Valo Jump 

  • *Virtual Reality Experience not included

  • 8 person minimum

  • Party host included with an automatic 10% gratuity

    • Our Party Hosts are paid as servers​


Unlimited Party Package 



Want to Customize Your Birthday Party?

We would be happy to help you build an awesome birthday celebration at The WEB!  We can host birthday parties from 10-60 guests!

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