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How to Go-Kart Race Like a Pro

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Maintaining the lead at the Inside Track at The WEB Extreme Entertainment

Maintaining the lead at the Inside Track at The WEB Extreme Entertainment

Looking to kick up your go-kart racing a notch? After doing some research, we’ve compiled some advice from both professional race car drivers and top competitive go-kart racers to bring you the inside track on how to finish at the head of the pack on our Inside Track.

TIP #1: Get in Racing Posture

Believe it or not, how you sit in a go-kart affects acceleration, stability and turning control. Sit straight back in the seat, with arms slightly bent. Hold the wheel evenly in the middle (like the 9 and 3 position on a clock face). Keep this position the entire race, even when it feels natural to lean forward or reposition your hands on the wheel when entering a turn.

TIP #2: Master Passing

If you want to finish first, you have to pass the other drivers like a pro and then maintain the lead. Follow the fast drivers, following their race lines. The trick to passing is to pick up more speed, and a good place to do this is going into or out of a turn or corner. Try not to brake when making the turn, pass at the peak of the turn’s bend, and keep the speed when exiting the turn.

TIP #3: Get a Handle on Turns

Most kart drivers lose significant speed and track position going into turns. So here’s the expert way to approach a turn and eliminate any chance of sliding the front or back end of your kart: Lift your foot slightly off the accelerator pedal or brake lightly at the end of the straightaway, just before the turn. Try not to turn into corners too early, and keep the go-kart as straight and wide for as long as possible before turning. When in the turn, stay on the inside of your line and accelerate as fast as you can when exiting the turn. If you feel the kart drifting toward the outside when exiting the turn, go with it.

Here’s an example: If you’re entering a right turn, stay at the left side, cut in at the apex (or highest point of the inside bend), then drive to the left side again. Or as the kart racers call it, an out-in-out drive path. Always remember: go slow entering the turn and go fast exiting it.

TIP #4: Drive Smoothly with Momentum

Driving smooth and steady around the track translates into winning. You want to keep your momentum going and avoid making contact with other go-karts or track barriers. The best way to achieve steady momentum around the entire track is to maintain wide lines around the track, accelerate and brake in a straight line, and keep a smooth, non-jerky pace.

TIP #5: Get to Know the Track

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. The more times you do our Inside Track attraction, the more you learn about our grand prix-style track and its racing lines. Once you get comfortable with the handling and response of our high performance electric go-karts, and the turns and twists of our 500-foot track, accelerate a bit more each time out.

And there you have it, five ways to improve your go-kart racing. Now it’s time to try them out at our Inside Track. Ready, set, GO!

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