Great service and value.

- Will Domaschko

We had a wonderful time!

- Andrew Hatcher

Great host! Very attentive and helpful.

- Ryan Higgins

Fun indoor activities.

- Quinn Moore

You guys did great! Thank you!

- Scarlett Love

Great experience!

- Kael Cox

Will be returning!

- Connor Struve

Thanks for a great party! Rylin (party host) did a fantastic job!

- Caleb Minton

The hosts were great!

- Jai'Ana Beauchamp

Everything was great!

- Liam Stebel

Will be returning.

- Daimar Spurlock

Will recommend The Web to friends and family!

- Emily Proffitt

Wonderful! Thanks!

- Brandon & Jacob

We loved this place! Keep up the good job.

- David Mireku

Thanks for a great party~

- Grace Lampart

Will be returning!

- Evelyn Sellman

The workers here are incredible!

- Johnny Hoffman

Will be returning!

- Graydon Gist

Service was great! Games were fun.

- Kalin Fields

Rated Laser Tag 5 out of 5.

- Taylor Williams

Will be returning!

- Nicole Stewart

Everyone was nice and friendly. Brittany was very pleasant.

- Elizabeth Warlick

Will recommend The Web to family and friends.

- Liam Champion

Rated Go Carts 5 out of 5

- David Rogiers

Will be returning!

- Alison Eller

Awesome Party! Great hosts!

- The Cavs

Will be returning!

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Very fun for the kids.

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Fun for the kids!

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The hosts, games, and food were great!

- William Yahn

Will be returning!

- AaMauriel Caliman

Our hosts were so great, we would return just because of them and their hospitality.

- Austin Ray

Kyara (party host) was wonderful! Thank you! It was a great experience.

- Carson Combs

Will recommend The Web to friends and family.

- Aira Mediratta

Sophia (party host) was wonderful!

- Grant Voelker

It was awesome!

- Brody hall

Great time! Thanks!

- Joseph Swanson

Good family fun! Loved it!

- Kayonna Smoth

Fun activities! Conner (party host) was great.

- Brady Bowman

Will be returning!

- Parker Hopkins

We had a great time!

- Pacers Youth Basketball Team

Rated Laser tag a 5 out of 5

- Aniyah Henderson

Keep up the good work!

- Mike Hylton

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Very nice staff

- Jaxson Conner

Good atmosphere

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Awesome birthday party!

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Great party! Shane (party host) was super nice!

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Staff was really nice.

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Kids had fun! Thanks!

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Great reputation. Will be returning!

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Awesome place for kids!

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Fun time, Awesome support. Jordan (party host) was awesome!

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Conner (party host) did an amazing job! Thank you so much!

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Kids had a great time! Thanks!

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Great Place! Reasonable pricing, wonderful staff. Ruth is awesome!

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The kids had fun!

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Tori (party host) was very nice and pleasant to be around. We will definitely be back!

- Megan Dyer

Great time! Thank you!

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Had a great time. Our party host was awesome!

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The staff is great!

- Lexi Mosher

We liked it a lot!

- Szandor Smith

Will be returning!

- Matthew & Henry

Will be returning!

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Thanks for a great party!

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Had a great time! Very accommodating. We changed the number of guests last minute and it wasn’t a problem. All our guests had a great time!

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- Briana Tackett

Great for parties!

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Awesome party host!

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